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The most common type of insurance cover offer by the company is the Transit Insurance which charge certain premium on the declared value. The compensation however is only made in the case of accident.

Comprehensive Insurance
Under comprehensive insurance, compensation is paid for any damages except for scratches. If cover is required for glassware or other fragile items, additional premium has to be paid to the company.

Each moving company charges a premium for cargo protection. The rates and methods of assessing rates vary from company to company and region to region. Some charge a flat rate, some charges are based on how long the move takes (hourly), some by weight or a combination of these.

Storage Insurance
Generally, if the goods are stored in a warehouse for an extended period of time, a separate insurance is needed for this. This can be arranged through the storage facility of the mover's company or customer's own insurance company. Storage facilities generally charge a fixed amount for a particular amount of of declared value, per month of storage. The rules about dangerous goods and items of extraordinary value apply here as well.

Documentation of insurance
Insurance document covers all the details and are signed by the customer and the representative of the company. The documents contains all the details, terms and conditions clearly.

If the packing is done by the customer himself then in that case the company dont cover the goods under insurance . There is no liability of the company in case of the loss of the goods.

Normally there are following types of insurance: Basic / Standard Valuation, Added Value Insurance, Market or Depreciated Value Insurance and Replacement Value Insurance.

The minimum degree of liability accepted by the company as per law is basic or standard value insurance. In added value the company charges certain premium. In market or depreciated value insurance the company pay the declared value of the damaged goods. There are certain items like money, currency, jewellery, interior appliances, televisions, stereos, furnitures etc that are not covered under the insurance.

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